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2024 Trends

Resilience and Creativity

Resilient and creative - These are words we are hearing from our clients when they talk about what they are looking for in 2024. Resiliency is required not only from our teams, who are working in the unpredictable British weather, but also from plants and flowers. And for gardeners, resiliency leads directly to creativity, whether embracing new concepts, thinking outside the box, or adapting to a new "normal".


(Centaurea cyanus)

With their tall wiry stems, delicate feathery flowers in pinks, blues and purples, cornflowers are a favourite of bees and other pollinators. These annual plants only live for a year, but their hardiness means they can be sown outdoors in early spring as the seedlings won’t be affected by frosts. Simple to grow, they’re great for pots and prefer full sun.

They also work well in any borders, along with many other wildflowers, to bring a bright, timeless feel to any garden.



(Crataegus monogyna)


The sight of a hawthorn’s bright green leaves unfurling is one of the first signs of spring, bringing a dash of early colour to woods, hedges and gardens around February. An explosion of pretty white blossom makes for a dazzling display in May, followed by deep-red haw fruits loved by birds. Great for hedging or as a standalone specimen tree, hawthorn is hardy to -20C and will grow in most locations as long as soil isn’t waterlogged.



(Primula vulgaris)


It may look delicate but our native primrose is as hardy as they come, surprisingly surviving at temperatures as cold as -20C.


Common in woodland, it does well in shade or sun and its compact size makes it ideal for containers as well as cottage gardens. Pale yellow blooms can appear as early as December, making it an important early nectar source for butterflies. Flowers can last until May and come back year after year.

Image by henry perks

Wild Hyacinth

Camassia esculenta


Available in show stopping blues, purples and white, these flower spikes stand atop sturdy dark green stems.


Beautiful in appearance, this hardy variety will also naturalise very well if left undisturbed, and will quickly forms clumps of bright linear leaves. Bring into the garden to create a relaxed, natural atmosphere. They can reach a height between 30-40cm and flower in June.


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