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Garden Room Maintenance

There is nothing quite like a brand new garden room. However, if you are looking for all year round then a regular program of maintenance is essential. 

Service includes:

Picking up on potential problems is the key to getting the longest life from your garden room. Firstly, we can provide routine checkups involving a thorough inspection by one of our highly trained staff. In addition, we provide a full external clean including roof, gutters, fascia, soffits, walls and windows. Next, we can undertake any renewals, repairs or even add a new feature, leaving your garden room exactly how you want it. Finally, any timber clad garden rooms can be repainted or stained to add years to the lifespan. 

Why garden room maintenance?


Regular maintenance on your garden room has several benefits: A garden room always looks its best when clean, so cleaning it regularly and taking care of the cladding means you get to regularly enjoy it looking its finest. In addition, repairs caused by general weathering can ensure you avoid any leaks or further damage. 

Regardless of what garden room you have, bring it back to looking and feeling as good as new.

Looking for garden room maintenance in Surrey, Hampshire or Berkshire? Get a free estimate today.

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