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Clear up Leaves

Leaf Clearance

Call us today on 01252 229999 and ask about leaf clearance in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire. We have over 20 years experience in all aspects of outdoor maintenance.

Leaf Clearance in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire

Fallen leaves, if not managed, can cause several problems for your home and garden.


Our experienced teams carefully collect dispose of organic matter responsibly, keeping your outdoor areas looking great all year round.

Effective leaf collection provides far greater benefits than simply keeping areas smart and tidy. Once they become wet, leaves decay and can generate another set of potential issues.


Damage to turf can be caused by preventing effective aeration. If left to rot unattended, decaying leaves encourage the growth of moss which is unsightly and can be difficult to remove.


Perhaps most importantly, decaying plant matter creates a film-like substance on hard surfaces including pathways, creating an avoidable slip hazard.

Leaf Clearing
Leaf Clearance
Why Outdoor Maintenance Company?


  • Our specialist equipment helps us collect leaves effectively and efficiently.

  • We work in any environment and all weathers

  • We responsibly and legally remove any organic matter

  • Our operatives are expertly trained and fully insured


We work hard to ensure all identified areas are kept consistently clear of leaves whether on a single or regular visit.


During each leafing season, our operatives will adopt a balance between mechanisation and hand tools to get the best results.

Once the work is completed, your outdoor space can once again be enjoyed by you and others. Maintaining a safe and tidy environment year round.

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