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Roof Cleaning

We offer a 100% safe service for removing moss from your roof. Unlike other cleaning options, our removal and biocidal treatment ensures no damage to your tiles.

Service includes:

​Working from platforms (meaning we won't ever need to stand on your roof). We begin by scraping the moss from the roof, followed by wire brushing the tiles using specialist poles and attachments. Once cleared we will provide a biocidal treatment which kills any organic matter including algae and moss. This treatment is both safe and effective and is HSE approved. This form of treatment is a deeply penetrating, aqueous solution formulated specifically to target moss and mould and works perfectly on most external mineral services including tile, slate and profile sheeting. 

Why Roof Cleaning?


Cleaning your roof to remove moss helps extend the lift of your roof as well as reducing the risk of blocked gutters. In addition it minimises the risk of rainwater seepage which may be caused by moss lifting and warping your tiles. ​Finally, a great looking roof can also increase the value and saleability of your property. 

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning a roof will not only eliminate dirt but will also actively kill any organic growth on your roof. It is the quickest and environmentally friendly way to make your roof look like new.


Steam cleaning your roof tiles can also get rid of years of build-up of dirt, grime, lichen, mould, mildew, moss, and other debris. 

Steam cleaning (2).jpg

Looking for moss removal in Surrey, Hampshire or Berkshire? Get a free estimate today.

“Roof moss clearance and PV panel cleaning.
Great job!
Arrived promptly as scheduled, polite and obliging staff, kept the site tidy and kept us informed of progress along the way.
All round professional job."

DP, Camberley

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