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Why you should have your roof cleaned.

Today's article will examine the benefits of removing moss from your roof tiles. Whilst most of the general population doesn't consider roof cleaning a necessity, it is an essential home maintenance task that can save you significant problems in the long term. A clean roof not only looks better, but more importantly, it can extend the life of your roof tiles and prevent costly repairs.

The first benefit of roof cleaning is that it removes debris and leaves that can otherwise impact your gutters and downspouts. This means they cannot correctly function and could lead to excess water building up and causing damage. Furthermore, Moss can grow when parts of your roof get damp for excessive lengths of time.

Moss has evolved to grow in the most challenging circumstances, so specialist solutions are required to remove it and prevent its spread as mosses are not a usual type of plant (root, stem, flowers etc.) but are composed of leaves attached to branches. As these leaves do not need to be rooted to survive, they can spread very easily provided it has both water and sunlight.

Moss is usually most evident on north-facing roofs, walls and trees. This is not because of the lack of sunlight but because this side has a damp environment, so more water means more food.

In addition, moss has evolved to survive dry periods. Many types of moss can go without water or rainfall for many months and will return to life within a few hours of rehydration. Without treatment, the moss on your roof, patio, wall or tennis court may seem to have disappeared over the summer, only to return and thrive as soon as autumn arrives.

Moss and Algae aren't a huge issue, but they can cause severe damage. Moss and algae hold moisture against your roof, leading to rot and leaks. In addition, when moss and algae grow on your rooftop, they can make your home look old and unkempt.

In addition to protecting your roof, a clean roof can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal and extend the roof's life. If you’re thinking of selling your home or want it to look its best, roof cleaning can make a big difference. It can also extend the life of your roof, making it far more desirable for you and someone. Finally, it can also help you catch any serious problems early before they cause significant damage that is costly to repair.

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