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Why you should get your gutters cleaned.

Gutter cleaning should be an important part of your regular scheduled outdoor maintenance. They can help shield your doors, walls, ceilings and foundations from water damage that may occur during excessive rain.

Whilst gutter systems are a common site in the UK, they were not always so common. Historically rain was left to run down homes leading to damage that would be costly to repair.

Whilst the Romans brought with them a form of the guttering system during the conquest of Britain, by the end of the Roman occupation, they were for the most part forgotten about. However, in 1240 a downpipe was erected at The Tower of London that aimed to protect the building walls. Over the next number of years, pipework for the use of protecting buildings became more commonplace with materials moving from lead to cast iron to the types of plastic we see today.

Benefits of Guttering

As mentioned earlier gutters are there to protect. This includes your fascia and patios. However, to really see the benefits of your gutters you need to ensure they are regularly cleaned. This usually involves removing leaves, twigs and other debris to ensure they work correctly. To find out more about gutter clearing click here.

If you neglect your guttering you could experience infestations of pests like rats, mice, insects and birds. The presence of these can not only cause a build-up of waste but are also carriers of disease.

In addition, the debris in gutters can decompose to form organic matter that grows fungi and other plants, something you should avoid.

Avoid Damage to your property.

It is also important to note that a clogged gutter can cause damage to your property including the landscaping below. As clean gutters channel water correctly, clogged gutters will force the water to choose the path of least resistance. This could lead to damage in areas you would otherwise not expect.

In addition, excess water and organic matter growth can damage your soffits and roof tiles, leading to additional costs to replace.

If you do not have the time to clean your gutters periodically, then why not let us provide a free no-obligation quote for gutter cleaning? The outdoor maintenance company has been established to help homes in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire maintain the outside of their homes. To arrange a quote click the link below.

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