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Why you should always keep your offcuts.

Whilst artificial turf is generally robust, sometimes, damage can occur. Whilst it is not a common occurrence, sometimes accidents do happen, and grass may suffer rips or tears.

In particular, you should steer clear of fires like barbeques, fire pits, and cigarettes. Similarly, sharp objects, paint, chemicals, and fertilizers are also to be avoided.

The good news is any damage to artificial grass can be repaired. Simply put, the damaged turf is cut out and replaced by a new piece. Therefore, it is advisable to save any remnants of grass left over after installations.

Repairing your turf.

If the section of your turf is burned, torn or discolored section is small, then with the correct tools, it can be easily repaired by our team.

We start by removing the damaged spot. Creating a careful cut-out of the damaged section. To take it to the next level, creating a curved shape cut out can often flow more naturally and disappear into the surroundings and, if done properly it will look completely seamless.

Next, our team will prepare the replacement piece of grass. Use the same template as the piece you have cut out from your artificial grass. It is important to note that even if you buy additional pieces from the original manufacturer it is unlikely to look exactly the same. Therefore, it is beneficial to keep leftover pieces from your original installation in case damage does occur. Top Tip "Store your off cuts outside so it weathers the same as your installed grass. This will ensure it matches better if you ever need to undertake patch repairs.

Consequently, our team takes a piece of synthetic turf seaming tape and places it under the backing through the hole where the cut out of the damaged artificial grass.

Finally, the replacement piece should be gently fitted but pressed down firmly to create a strong bond. Pro tip: It is important to ensure the direction of the tufted yarns in the backing when installing the replacement piece. It is important to ensure these rows and piles face the same way.

If you have turf that needs to be patched repaired. Click here to arrange a free no-obligation quotation.

Founded in 2022 by Scott Mills and Ross Hogston. The Outdoor Maintenance Company brings together two award-winning businesses serving Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire. With state-of-the-art equipment, the Outdoor Maintenance team offer a high-quality, professional and reliable service.

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