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Why a shiny new driveway could add value to your property.

Often a driveway is one of the first things prospective buyers see when attending a house viewing. Surrey-based Estate agents Park and Bailey suggest a great driveway could add between 5 & 10% to your property value which is quite a bit considering

Therefore keeping on top of your driveway if you are selling your property should be included in your list of maintenance if you are to entice potential buyers. Even if you're not moving a revamped driveway will give your property a smart new look.

Things to consider.

Firstly, Weeds can build up, which look unsightly, but can also damage the stone around your driveway. Ensuring the swift removal of weeds can ensure you protect the life of the stone and keep your driveway looking great.

In addition, there are safety benefits too. Residue and moss can build up on Indian stone or block paved driveways causing a slipping hazard as well as reducing the life of your stones.

Finally, considering a new driveway could set you back anything from £3000 plus. Maintaining your driveway with a regular schedule of maintenance could give you more than 20 years of service.

How we can help.

Depending on the condition of your driveway, applying weed killer can help make the pressure washing easier. Cleaning a driveway will involve using a pressure washer to remove stains, weeds, algae and moss. Once clean, joints can be refilled with kiln dried sand if required and a sealer can be applied to any cracks to prevent them from getting worse.

If you would like to discuss regular scheduled maintenance for your driveway, paved areas or decking. Give us a call on 01252 229999.

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