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What is leaf mulching?

Leaf mulching is the process of creating layers of shredded leaves that can be applied to the surface of the soil. Leaf mulch is a conventional method of maintaining soil moisture whilst the coverage they provide can suppress the growth of weeds.

We recently launched our Garden Maintenance Services including lawn maintenance, leaf clearing, gutter clearing, fencing care and mulching.

During the winter, leaf mulch has many benefits for your garden. Whilst it acts as insulation for plants, animals and insects, it helps provide further safety for earthworms; that could otherwise be eaten by birds, that can help with aerating your soil. In addition, it can also help your garden's soil retain water that may otherwise be lost through evaporation.

Whilst leaves are the most common method of creating mulch, there are other organic materials that can be used as well. Other common examples you may experience is tree waste, tree barks, grass cuttings and straw.

It is important to note that whilst inorganic mulch, like gravel etc, is great for blocking weeds. They are not quite as good when it comes to maintaining moisture.

Make leaf mulch.

As part of our regular garden maintenance services. We have the ability to create and distribute leaf mulch. Firstly, we can rake autumn leaves using a garden rake or by collecting them using a garden vacuum or leaf blower.

Once the leaves are collected, they will need to be shredded. This can be completed with a leaf shredder or garden shredder. Once shredded, they will be ready to use.

How To Use Leaf Mulch

Once the mulch is ready to use, it can be laid on flower beds about 2 to 3 inches thick. It is important to make sure the mulch does not smother smaller plants and does not touch the stems of those plants. By using mulch in garden soil it will begin to fill with earthworms and beneficial organisms meaning a much better quality soil.

If you would like to discuss your garden maintenance plan for Autumn and Winter please get in touch with our team for a no-obligation quote.

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