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Top tips to keep your garden tip-top this winter

Despite the weather not being the most favourable during winter, you may still want to spend time in your garden. The outdoors can help clear your mind, relieve stress, give you much-needed sunlight exposure, and boost your mood.

However, despite the cold weather, it is crucial that you keep your garden in the right state. Therefore, here are a few easy tips to follow to keep a good healthy garden during the winter.

Firstly, to ensure a vibrant display in the spring, dig up annuals and plant your bed with pansies, daises and wallflowers. In addition, cut back perennials to 5cm above ground level. By leaving seed heads you will attract insects and make them look great in autumn due. Once borders are cleaned it is best to spread either leaf mulch across the beds or a thick layer of compost, bark chips or manure. Then sit back and let the worms work for you.

Whilst mowing is not usually necessary during winter, you may want to trim the grass to stop it from looking unruly. Generally, mow on a high-cut setting, or use a trimmer. However, do not attempt this if the ground is very soft or very frozen. Try and keep it between 4cm and 5cm during this time.

Next, you want to get stuck into your weeds. Cleaning up weeds can become a significant task if you allow them to grow and they can seriously affect the state of your garden. Remove all weeds in flower beds or raised beds and use weed killer on any weeds growing between slabs.

Next, you want to trim your hedges, trees and bushes. Fruit trees in particular need cutting back if you want to maximise their yield the following summer. You will want to remove any dead or broken branches and remove signs of diseased wood. In addition, get rid of any crossing branches and any thin branches where the tree appears overcrowded.

Finally, get to work on your garden decorations and ornaments. Any outdoor statues, planters, and vases need to be cleaned once in a while as they can collect mould. Consider using cleaning solutions and a pressure washer. Keeping your garden clean and beautiful shouldn't be demanding or stressful. You can set aside one or two hours per week and spread them into two maintenance sessions. If keeping your gardening in check is not your thing, we would love to help and can cover all kinds of outdoor maintenance including regular garden maintenance. If you would like a free no-obligation quote for regular garden maintenance. Please click here.

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