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Three critical commercial grounds maintenance tasks to take care of this spring.

Parks, businesses, town centres and neighbourhoods are often defined by the appearance of their landscape. The team at the Outdoor Maintenance Company has established itself as one of the leading sustainable grounds maintenance companies in Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire.

Ground maintenance of your commercial property encompasses many activities. This can include anything from grass cutting and hedge trimming to jet washing and cladding cleaning. In today's article, we take a look at five commercial grounds maintenance tasks you should consider taking care of this spring.

Planting shrubs.

When it comes to improving the look of a commercial property, seasonal flowers and trees can be the preferred method. However, these may be difficult to maintain throughout the summer and can require additional resources. Therefore, the installation of seasonal shrubs can really help transform your commercial landscape provided they are planted in the correct location.

One of the benefits of shrubs is the variety of options. As a business owner, you can choose shrubs that are dense and evergreen or ones that flower, giving you a diverse landscape, and adding significant visual appeal.

Cladding cleaning.

Keeping your cladding clean is critical to maintaining your businesses properties appearance. In addition, it helps to uncover any issues that otherwise may lead to damage allowing you to replace the cladding earlier, saving costly repairs.

In addition, clean cladding helps to give customers a good, positive impression of your business. and it may help make the cladding last much longer.

Jet washing patio and walkways.

Patios and walkways are high-footfall areas and are often the first area visitors see when visiting your business. There are many issues to look out for and therefore, maintaining your patio and walkways is critical.

Almost all patios or paved surfaces will feature some algae but it can be more extensive in wetter climates as it thrives off the fact that moisture, particularly rainwater, will dissolve some of the minerals in the surface it's resting on that it can then feed off of.

Therefore an annual schedule of maintenance is required in order to keep your patio healthy and safe for your family. Our service involves using powerful, state-of-the-art equipment to remove crushed leaves, stubborn stains, mould and algae. In addition, you may want to consider a patio sealant to help prevent weathering and preserve the colour of your slabs.

Learn more about Outdoor Maintenance Company.

Founded in 2022 by Scott Mills and Ross Hogston. The Outdoor Maintenance Company brings together two award-winning businesses serving Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire. With state-of-the-art equipment, the Outdoor Maintenance team offer a high-quality, professional and reliable service. We offer patio and driveway cleaning at a high standard for a fair and reasonable price. For a no-obligation quote click here.

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