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Rejuvenating your artificial grass

As we enter the spring, you might start to think about getting out in the garden a bit more. With this in mind, if you are the owner of a beautiful patch of artificial grass there may be some benefits to getting on top of it before you start using it again.

The benefits of regular grass rejuvenation.

In keeping your artificial grass healthy, you will begin to extend its lifespan. During the summer months when the temperature increases, well cared for artificial grass will stay a little bit cooler, thus making sure you can use it when you want. Moreover, if it is well kept, then it allows for proper drainage, particularly important when living in Surrey, Hampshire or Berkshire. Finally, ensuring a regular clean will reduce the build-up of harmful bacteria that can accumulate, making it safe for little feet and toes.

Your rejuvenation starts here.

It is important that as part of your rejuvenation that the pile in your grass gets de-compacted. This is the process that involves cleaning out all of the little things that accumulate within the blades over time. This could include pet hair, leaves, dust and other debris. This stage ensures that not only does it look better, but it will drain properly as well.

"Regular cleaning is the best way to ensure your artificial turf stays cool enough to enjoy year-round."

Here at the Outdoor Maintenance Company, we want to help you keep yours looking and feeling great all year round. If you think your artificial turf needs some care and attention. Get in touch with us today.

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