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Looking after your artificial grass this winter [updated October 2022]

With winter arriving, it is crucial to understand how to maintain artificial grass.

Well, you can be assured that maintaining artificial grass is simple all year round. However, in the winter period, the grass may become slippery, whilst the blades may also freeze in sub-zero temperatures.

It is essential to know that artificial grass is much more resilient than natural lawns. However, you should know that grass blades will certainly stiffen when cold, leaving them prone to damage. It is, therefore, better to let snow and ice melt away before walking on your grass.

Snow-covered lawn.

Generally, using your lawn is ok if you experience a thin covering of snow. However, don't let snow build up too much, as it can become compacted. In addition, this build-up of snow could break the fibres of your artificial grass.

In addition, it is not recommended to use salt to melt away ice and snow, which could affect the drainage elements of your artificial turf. Therefore, remove as much snow as possible using a plastic shovel and brush it with a stiff yard brush. This brushing will allow the fibres to stand up.


Artificial grass stands up well against lots of rain and will even be ok if temporarily submerged underwater. However, prolonged water-logging may cause mould, so we strongly recommend that you install your grass correctly and by a professional so that the chance of keeping possible waterlogging to a minimum.

General Maintenance.

It is essential to know that artificial grass does not need the same level of maintenance as natural lawns but regular maintenance during the winter season to keep your grass in good shape.

One essential task is removing leaves or debris on your artificial grass, as excessive leaves can block necessary drainage holes. This build-up could lead to water collecting on the surface. Therefore, consider an excellent stiff broom or brush or even a blower.

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