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Getting on top of your roof maintenance.

Moss can build up quickly on roof tiles leading to discoloration and damage. In addition after heavy rainfall, washed away moss can fill gutters leading to blockages or land on the ground creative hazards.

Today Team OMC explores why regular moss removal is required, and tips on how to maintain your roof during the year.

What is moss?

In short, moss is a plant, and a lichen is a fungi-algae sandwich. Mosses are multicellular organisms with leaflets made of photosynthetic cells, just as with trees, ferns and wildflowers.

Moss has a role to play in forests where it forms a carpet that will slow down the drainage and retain water. Consequently, this reduces soil erosion and helps prevent water loss during dry periods. However, when positioned on your roof, it can impact your tiles which is why it should be removed.

How does moss collect on roof?

Moss spreads by releasing spores. It is far more likely to grow on damp, cool surfaces that don't receive much sunlight. Roof tiles made from clay or concrete a prone to moss growth. This is due to their porous surfaces and frequent exposure to rain. In addition, roofs are ideal for moss growth due to the way rainwater is collected.

Should you remove moss from roof tiles?

Roof moss cleaning should be included as part of your annual outdoor maintenance. Moss retains water and can cause damage to tiles. In addition, it likes to grow in connecting areas and can weaken the bond between cement and other materials. Finally, it can also lead to dampness within your home and impact your utility bills during the winter months.

By removing moss from your roof, you can maintain the value of your home as your roof will look better. In addition, there is less chance of mould and other bacteria entering your home. Finally, it increases the lift of your roof, which should help save money in the long run.

If you would like help with removing moss from your roof, give us a call on 01252 229999.

How do you stop moss from growing on roof tiles in the UK?

Here at the Outdoor Maintenance Company we use a process of cleaning and sealing your roof to keep moss away for as long as possible.

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