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Get ready for the first summer without lockdown. The 5 things to get ready in your garden.

Over the last two summers, many of us have been robbed of meaningful human interactions.

BBQs or early evening drinks on the decking are now back. So, getting your garden ready to welcome family and friends is now on the agenda.

Today the Outdoor Maintenance Company are sharing the top 5 things you need to do to get your garden ready for summer.

Spruce up the hard services

Decking and patios are a great place to start. Often these areas will be the centre for dining, and they must look good. Consider jet washing first, followed by a treatment to keep them looking fresh all summer.

Furthermore, remember your driveways. These high footfall areas need to be ready to welcome your friends and family back to the garden. Check for weeds, uneven surfaces and a build-up of moss.

Check over your outbuildings.

Many of us have invested in outdoor infrastructure during the pandemic, and whilst you may now have your dream garden room keeping on top of maintenance is a must.

Check the cladding, windows, doors and roof and consider a fresh cladding finish or stain to help protect it and keep it looking sharp.

Rejuvenate any artificial grass areas.

Increasing demand for easy to maintain, durable, and cost-effective flooring products for their use in outdoor areas are the major factors driving the demand for artificial turf. Ensuring you rejuvenate these areas is important to keep them safe and looking their best.

Check for any breaks in seams or lifting from the foundations and then complete a good clean and disinfect. In addition, consider including some rubber crumb or sand infill so the pile stays up throughout the summer.

Remove any moss or algae.

There are several natural mosses killing methods for hardscaped, grass or roof areas – the two best ones use either bicarbonate of soda or dish soap. These homemade techniques can be surprisingly effective at getting rid of moss, especially if your outdoor areas are otherwise healthy.

In addition, consider getting support in removing your roof moss as it can be both a nuisance and unsightly if it persistently falls onto your nicely cured outdoor areas.

Enjoy your garden.

Finally, once all the hard work is done. Get some plans in place and start enjoying it. After two years of limited summer socials, it is time to get back to what we do best. Enjoying our outdoor spaces. In addition, ensure you create a weekly, monthly and bi-yearly checklist of what to keep on top of. That way you will find the entire process easier come next year.

More about the outdoor maintenance company.

Founded by local businessmen Ross Hogston, Oakston Solutions Ltd and Simon Mills, BCC-WCC cleaning, the outdoor maintenance company provide a range of eco-friendly services using state-of-the-art equipment and sustainable methods that can help you get your garden ready for spring and summer. To find out more. Click here.

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