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Flags, Paving or Gravel? What is the best choice for your driveway?

First impressions of your home are important. If you want to ensure your house is the envy of the street, ensuring a well-designed and well-maintained driveway is essential.

Here at The Outdoor Maintenance Company, we provide cleaning solutions for every type of driveway. Whilst there are a number of options ranging from flags to paving to gravel. We have provided a guide on the pros and cons of choosing and maintaining the right cover for your driveway.


Flagstones are great-looking and lend a unique and classy appeal to your driveway. They can be cut into different shapes and sizes and can provide a bespoke look to your space. However, this can mean a greater challenge to clean and maintain them.

Pale or light colours of natural stone will often show tyre markings quite soon after installation. Similarly, flagstones with coarse textures (shot blasted or bush-hammered) may also be more easily marked than naturally riven, cast or sawn flags. Although, with a regular schedule or maintenance, they can be kept looking great throughout the seasons.


Paving your driveway is similar to that of flagstones but they tend to block cut which gives a more symmetrical look to the driveway.

Paving stones are generally low maintenances, highly versatile, and environmentally friendly. In addition, as a very durable and hard-wearing stone they are likely to last a long time.

However, they will still require regular maintenance to keep moss and algae from building up, as well as removing any black spots and oil spills as well as weeds that may appear.


Finally, Gravel driveways can last you a lifetime if installed correctly. They provide a rustic and authentic charm to the outside of a property. Regular maintenance includes brushing back displaced stones, power washing on a light setting, raking back, and occasionally adding a top layer.

Founded in 2022 by Scott Mills and Ross Hogston. The Outdoor Maintenance Company brings together two award-winning businesses serving Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire. With state-of-the-art equipment, the Outdoor Maintenance team offers a high-quality, professional, and reliable service.

If you would like to arrange a free no-obligation quotation for your driveway. Click here.

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