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Case Study - Why using zeolite infill is great for grass

We recently attended a property to complete a full artificial grass rejuvenation. The rejuvenation plan included debris removal, a power brush, zeolite infill, and a further power brush.

The rejuvenation.

The section of lawn was a high footfall area used by both the residents and pets.

We began with a deep clean and disinfection of the areas and followed up with a power brush to raise the pile of the turf bringing it back to its original form.

We then applied a Zeolite infill and followed with an additional power brush, bringing the area back to looking like new.

Use Zeolite rather than silica sand

On this property, we chose to use Zeolite rather than silica stand due to excellent properties which we will discuss more about here.

Natural zeolite is a 100% natural volcanic mineral mined predominantly in quarries in Asia.

The structure of the compound allows easy movement of ions and water within the framework, allowing reversible dehydration and cation exchange. In particular, it will bind to ammonia. Consequently, during periods of rain, the sodium ions found in rain droplets release the bacteria and flush the ammonia through the turf.

Therefore, Zeolite is the perfect infill to prevent nasty odors caused by pets.

Additional benefits of Zeolite.

Using an infill will help protect the backing material and support the fibers to assist them in maintaining an upright position. Therefore it can help with drainage and keep your lawn cool during hot summer days.

Book your next artificial grass rejuvenation.

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