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Case Study - Getting this Yateley venue summer ready

Recently, we were asked to support this local venue in Yateley, to help rejuvenate their outdoor area which is highly used all year round.

Ever since Covid-19, the business pivoted to provide an undercover outdoor area in which patrons could enjoy food and drive as well as live music. However, following a year of heavy use, areas started to need some attention.

Artificial grass rejuvenation

The artificial grass area is a high footfall area and can often be used as a dancefloor on evenings. In addition, as a pet-friendly venue and with food and drink often being spilled, a full service of these areas was required.

We began with a deep clean and disinfection of the areas and followed up with a power brush to raise the pile of the turf bringing it back to its original form.

Following the artificial grass rejuvenation, the area was made ready to use that evening. Meaning very little downtime for the venue.

Patio Clean

Another high footfall area was the patio leading to the outdoor canopy.

This area is the main thoroughfare for patrons and is heavily used. As the patio area is also exposed, the footfall had caused them to discolor.

A high-pressure wash removed any impurities and brought the flags right back up to the level at which they were installed. In addition, we also completed a table and chair rinse to ensure the furniture was ready to be used in the summer.

Canopy Clean.

Finally, the canopy was cleaned to remove any moss, algae, and mold from the area exposed to the elements. This would ensure proper operation and a much longer service for the canopy.

This was cleaned with simply warm soapy water and hosed down until all soap had been removed.

If you are a business or homeowner interested in outdoor maintenance for your property. Get in touch with the OMC team by completing our online form here.

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