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Case Study - Artificial Grass rejuvenation in Farnborough

Rejuvenating this highly used area for work, pets and pleasure.

Recently, we attended a property in Farnborough, Hampshire with a view to rejuvenating a patch of artificial grass regularly used as part of a home gym. The turf in questions was around 10m x 3.5m and is also used by pets, children and as a place to eat and relax during summer.

Due to the high footfall nature of this location, the pile had become slightly depressed. In addition, the usage meant that the turf may have accumulated bacteria which could be harmful to pets and children.

With spring approaching the client was particularly keen to ensure it was clean, disinfected and could be used as part of a her thriving personal training business. The OMC team recommended removing debris, power brushing and disinfecting to bring the turf back up and making it look as good as new.

"I am delighted with service offered by OMC. The team were brilliant from start to finish."

Ensuring your artificial turf is well taken care of is an important part of your annual garden maintenance. Removing hazards like leaves and debris which can not only cause injury, but also damage to the turf is paramount. Power brushing and disinfecting also helps increase the life-cycle of your turf ensuring you get many more summers in which to enjoy it.

If you are interested in artificial grass rejuvenation for your property. Get in touch with the OMC team by completing our online form here.

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