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Caring for your Timber Fence

Majority of the gardens we work on include fencing or some sort. Whilst a well-designed fence can become a feature of your garden, regular upkeep and maintenance are paramount to ensure your fence has the best chance of looking great all year round.

There is no strict timeframe for fence maintenance. However, regular yearly or bi-annual maintenance can keep your fence looking good for longer.

With a plethora of products on the market including oils and stains, it is easy to choose something that enhances the natural colouring of the timber to help your fence stand out. colouring

Fence Cleaning.

Before applying a stain, you must ensure the fence is clean. This is to help remove any mould. Whilst most fences are sturdy enough for a jet wash, you should be careful not to use one too powerful that could damage the timber. In addition, if black mould exists you could consider a scrub with some watered bleach too. Once the cleaning is complete, you must let the timber dry completely.

Staining your fence.

Once the fence is completely dry, you can commence staining. It is a good idea to wait until early evening before you start work as direct sunlight will dry the stain too fast and it won't soak into the timber reducing the level of protection.

You can apply the stain with a brush or roller or with a power spray. You will need to make sure you cover the entire panel, and into all the nooks and crannies that are often hard to reach.

Once you have completed the staining, you should let this completely dry before applying an additional coat if needed.

How we can help?

The Outdoor maintenance company provide general fence care and treatment that can help extend the life expectancy of your fence. Whether it is a small repair or a coat or two of paint and stain. If you would like to speak to us about your fence care give us a call on 01252 229999.

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