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A simple guide to roof cleaning

The importance of roof cleaning.

Roof cleaning is an essential part of property maintenance. Cleaning a roof allows you to remove organic and inorganic substances from the tiles or shingles and check the surface for any damage. Keeping a roof clean not only helps to improve its aesthetic appearance but can also extend its lifespan. You can read more about the importance of roof cleaning in our recent blog "getting on top of your roof maintenance."

Getting started.

Our Bronze entry-level roof cleaning service is a Soft Wash. This is ideal for delicate roofs as the work requires no disturbance to the surface of the roof. We use a professional chemical which breaks down 99.9% of all living organic matter, including moss/algae/lichen and most other biofilms on the surface of your roof.

This product will keep working for a 12-month period that will get your roof back to looking almost new.. The chemical used will also prevent moss from growing back for at least a 3-year period. We apply this product off aluminum portable towers using long-reach poles and brushes with an aim of never having to stand or lean on your roof tiles.

Are you looking for a touch more?

Our Silver package includes us scraping your roof of moss, using aluminum portable towers and long reach poles with specialist scraper heads. We aim to remove as much moss as possible this way.

However, if you have a difficult roof that is really difficult to clean, then you might want to consider steam clean. This process uses temperatures of up to 150 degrees. This is a safe and proven way to clean your roof that avoids damage to the tiles.

The beauty of this process is that you will have an immediate effect on the appearance of your roof, bringing back the tiles to look like new again. The use of steam will remove the build-up of dirt/grime/lichen etc. We follow the steam clean with a biocide treatment to prevent moss from returning for at least 3 years.

Interested in roof cleaning?

If you would like a free no-obligation quote for your roof clean then click here to complete our online form.

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