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A new perspective on outdoor maintenance.

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

The Outdoor Maintenance Company has been founded by Ross Hogston and Scott Mills to provide a market-leading service to domestic and commercial clients in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

Ross founded award-winning Oakston Solutions Ltd in 2016. Oakton's specializes in manufacturing and installing top quality garden rooms and oak structures. They also provide artificial grass installation and garden transformations. Scott established BCC-WCC Cleaning services in 2002. BCC-WCC has provided bin, gutter and window cleaning across Camberley, Bracknell, Farnborough and beyond for over 16 years.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of service, ensuring you want to recommend us to your friends and family. In addition, we will ensure every project is delivered in the safest way possible, ensuring you have peace of mind in our expertise.

Over the next few months, we will be publishing a range of helpful content about our products, services and expertise. Giving you a hub for all of your outdoor maintenance needs. Topics we will cover will include cleaning and maintaining your outdoor spaces along with ideas.

At The Outdoor Maintenance Company, we aim to provide the most thorough and professional services available to Surrey, Hampshire, and Berkshire residents. Our team has a wealth of experience and can offer you the expert level of maintenance that you need for anything from patio, driveways, artificial grass, roofs, guttering or garden rooms.

If you would like to discuss an outdoor maintenance project, get in touch with our team today by emailing

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